2011. Dr. Barán-Kalász Ügyvédi Iroda

Serva Legem Et Lex Servabit Te!



The spectrum of our activity includes all areas of law that is considered upon foundation of a company and during the daily operation thereof. Law Firm provides services to their clients in various areas of law, i.e. Commercial Law, Banking Law, Corporate Law, Employment Law and Litigation with the following scopes:

(A) Commercial Law

We provide general advice on daily business operations, including drafting and negotiating commercial agreements with respect to the main activity of our client, e.g. on product licensing, packaging, storage, transport and marketing, franchise, etc. In relation to commercial matters, we advise the clients in relation to all aspects of Competition Law, Civil Law and the sector specific regulations and always tailoring it to the needs of the clients. We are experienced in solving competition issues and disputes, protecting clients' interests against unfair competition and we have also represented clients in cartel and merger control cases.

In addition, participating in and supporting the strategy for protecting trademarks and other intellectual properties of the clients are essential part of the legal service, and we assist the clients in finding the most appropriate and effective legal protection to their intellectual values. The brands, the know-how, the patents, and other intellectual properties and the IP protection issues are on the focuses of the companies, and we can fulfill our tasks in these matters with the appropriate competency. We also advise our client on data protection issues.

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